Memories Passing

2013 - 2014

I have recently started a new project that looks at one of my areas of interest, memory. Memory and photography are becoming, or have become, a cliché. But that doesn't mean that they are not something that we should ignore or abandon. Photography, and all forms of image making, are so intimately bound up in memory that we cannot abandon them. We need to think of new ways to explore them.

My new project is a simple performance piece. It involves a group of people and an event that fills my broad criteria for a interesting memory. Working from an idea from the field of Psychology that posits that memory is like a jpeg, (the brain only stores part of the memory and a mental algorithm fills it in when recalled) I take a photograph of something that is representative of that memory. Say a group of people, a place. Then, utilising the cameras of the other people who are partaking in that memory I re-photograph the image on the lcd screen of my camera. I then repeat this action with as many cameras as are available, re-photographing the image on each subsequent camera. Like a memory the image changes with each replaying and documenting.

Each participant is then in possession of an individual image/memory on their camera. It is their choice to keep, or delete, that memory.

The memory is important, the photograph less so.

2013 - 2014