Mixed Message, Something Post, 2012

A review of the Mixed Message show at YY9 Gallery where I am showing some works from my Short Stories series.

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Developing a visual language, creative vision in definition

Click on the attached file for a scan of a recent interview/profile by Hong Kong Gallery Guide. Transcription coming soon.

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Reviews: Simulated Alternative Realities, South China Morning Post, 2010

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A Poorly Remembered Childhood

On viewing these small, ambiguous landscapes, one is immediately struck at how light is as essential to the evocation of memory as are smells, sounds or words. Boyce’s photographs are filled with light, from the warm, golden light of a late afternoon, to the winter light of an overcast day, dissolving and transforming solid forms into muted colours. As though viewed through Sebald’s grey gauze, the blurred landscapes convey a contemplative stillness and ambiguity.

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Wellington, Art News, 2008

At Photospace Gallery photographer David Boyce returned from his Hong Kong base to turn half the gallery into a playground for koi carp. In The Philosophers Stomach hundreds of photographs caused a delirious spin cycle sensation. In the other room Mixed Messages appeard related to Chinese calligraphy. Boyce digitally pieced together shots of athletic courts, arranging the coloured squares vertically on thick print making paper. Weathered ochres and greens suggested ancient parts of an Asian city. Where the paintwork was pristine, I imagined more moneyed players, perhaps having a game of tennis atop a high-rise in Hong Kong. Boyce plumbed beauty, high and low.

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David Boyce: God, it is All Dark: Meditations on the Stations of the Cross

David Boyce’s God, it is All Dark depicts the twelve (sic) Stations of the Cross - the story of Jesus crucifixion - but with a postmodern spin. Through toying with the advantages of the photographic medium, Boyce presents a highly original version of a subject previously depicted by the likes of McCahon and Barnett Newman, both of whom have influenced this series.

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