Pilgrimage Press Release

Light box exhibition sheds light on fallow rugby fields A new collaborative photographic exhibition by Andy Palmer and David Boyce will be unveiled in a couple of weeks’ time at the light boxes in Courtenay Place Park. ‘Pilgrimage’ was selected by Wellington City Council’s Public Art Panel followi…

03 Aug 2011
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Suite Gallery, New Zealand

I have work in an upcoming show at Suite Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand which opens on Friday December 3rd and runs until Friday December 24th. I am showing part of an ongoing body of work called The dis-consolation of art. This work deals with what I am calling "expected memories"…

03 Dec 2010
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Simulated Alternate Realities

Have been invited to take part in an exhibition at 1a Space in Hong Kong. It will run from 5 October until 10 November, and you are warmly invited to the opening cocktail reception at 7pm on Friday 8 October where a number of the artists will be present. The exhibition comprises the work of a group…

13 Sep 2010
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Mixed Message

Another show starting shortly, and whose work I will get up when I can (need to get some changes made to the website first) is Mixed Message, a show of a new body of work I have been calling Short Stories which is comprised of contact prints of an entire roll of 120 film. This continues my…

12 Sep 2010
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