Arteles Residency


David Boyce joins Arteles residency in Finland.

Located in Haukijärvi, a rural part of Finland, Arteles is a non-profit organization developing creativity, art and culture. Converting an old school into artists’ residence, the organisation offers a range of programs including seminars, think tanks, workshops and educational planning, as well as the international residency program for artists working in various mediums.

David Boyce will be taking part in Silence Awareness Existence, taking advantage of the darkness in the long December nights. The idea is to create a space and silence in which to think and research; to create time. For David, working in a cold climate is an added challenge. Meanwhile, the organisation offer to add more limitations on artists, such as limited Internet access, if they wish.

A visual artist using photography, David says, “I'm interested in the clarity of the light and the lack of light pollution. I might glimpse the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis as well as the normal night sky.” Other natural attractions appeal to David: The prolonged transition from night to day and back to night, darkness, a result of being so far from the equator. “I want to see if the long nights might give me time to think, or even slow down,” he adds.

About David Boyce

New Zealand born David Boyce is a visual artist, based in Hong Kong. After completing an Honours degree in History at Victoria University of Wellington, Boyce became a full-time artist. He has since exhibited in New Zealand the US, China and Hong Kong, where he is known for his collaborations with Adrian Wong and Hiram To. His works are held in a number of private, public and corporate collections in New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia.

Boyce’s work is informed by two primary concerns: The exploration of identity, memory, spirituality and language and an area he refers to as ‘Random Beauty’ – an attempt to find beauty in the everyday world. In exploring these themes, he strongly acknowledges a wide range of influences in his work, from renaissance artists to abstract impressionists, minimalists to post modernists.

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